Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hear ye hear ye'!!

Ladies! Check this out!
Our dear YSK is having the  
BIG BANG explosive giveaways contest 
to reward her loyal readers and end the year with a loud bang! and guess what! We're honoured to be part of the contests and would like to REWARD you guys too for being ever so supportive! It'll be super duper fun!!

I Want Bags will be participating in 3 contests to reward our customers :)

Contest 1
I Want Bags will be sponsoring Vouchers worth RM50 each to the winners! 

Contest 2

How cool it is to have a lifetime free postage pass where you can shop shop & shop at I Want Bags without having to worry about postage EVER!!

Contest 3 

Block your calendar and watchout this space on  
31 December 2009 (12:00 am to 11.59pm) 
 where we'll be having the biggest price slash of the year with prices so low it's unbelievable!!

For more details on the contests, click HERE !!

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