Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fancy a cute and fabulous laptop tote?

Have you ever wonder why do laptop bags have to be dull and black? I think it's time to "pimp" them up and make them look FABULOUS!! I know they arent branded but hey! They're still as gorgeous and it was love at first sight and being the bagaholic tat I am,I cant resist them! They look even better in real so let me introduce them to you :-

Miss Prim and Proper

The Pink Sensation


The Blue Fairy

 Material : Sateen / PVC (very lightweight)
Interior :  Padded fabric lining
One exterior multi-purpose pocket
Size : 15" x 11" (fit most laptops and netbooks), Handle : 3.5" drop 
Ms Prim&proper (SOLD) / Pink Sensation(SOLD) / Blue Fairy(SOLD)
iwantbags : RM 79.90  RM65.90only! 

3 desires:

Lily said...

is this still available?

iwantbags said...

Hi Lily, Yup! they're available :)

Goofy said...

i wan this i wan this... how do i bank in and when could i get it? can i get it b4 CNY??

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