Friday, May 15, 2015

PRADA ~ Outlet Trippin- 16th May, Saturday

~Open for pre-order~
Outlet Trippin- 16th May, Saturday 5pm onwards.
ETA 2-3weeks.
PLS Email us @ to Order!~

 Prada BN2795 Vitello Phenix Wing Tote 
iwantbags : RM4450 only~

Prada B2530T Tessuto+Saffiano Tote
iwantbags : RM2550 only~

Prada B4696F Tessuto Stampata+Saffiano Tote
iwantbags : RM2090 only~

Prada BT1026 Tessuto Impuntu Quilted Clutch/Crossbody Bag
iwantbags : RM2090 only~

Prada 1M1437 Saffiano Wallet with Strap
iwantbags : RM2050 only~

PRADA 2M0836 Men's Bi-Fold Vitello Grain Long Wallet
iwantbags : RM1450 only

Prada 2M0513 Saffiano Men's Wallet in Bicolor
Avaialble in Black/Grey Interior , Brown/Black Interior , Navy/Black Interior
iwantbags : RM1280 only~

PRADA 2M0513 Vitello Grain Bi-Fold Wallet in Bluette
iwantbags : RM1250 only~

PRADA 2M1077 Vitello Grain Money Clip in Baltico
iwantbags : RM1150 only~

For other models not listed, pls email us for a quote ;)

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