Friday, November 7, 2014

PLAYNOMORE - SHYgirl Bags - The new "IT" Bag in town!

Just want to share a new trend with you ladies out there. 
We came across this cute range of bags from Playnomore - SHYGIRL from Korea which is all the rage now with huge following across Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and mainland. It resembles the famous Hermes Kelly but with a cute twist! Quite a fashion statement I would say. 
It even made it onto the Best Bag of NYFW List on Purseblog!

We'll do a test run and take a small order if any of you are interested :) Drop us a line ya!~

*Photos credit to purseblog & google search*

Playnomore - SHYgirl bag
Material : Faux leather 
Size :  21.5 x 17.5 x 9cm
Strap : 56-104cm
Colours : Yellow / Blue / Turqoise / Coral / White / Black / Red
iwantbags : RM1290 only~
Pre-order by 17th Nov.
*Limited slots only*

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