Monday, December 23, 2013

PRADA Outlet trippin' - 23/12 (5pm -7pm)

Outlet trippin' - 23/12 (5pm -7pm) 
PLS Email us to Order!~
Photo: Prada tessuto nylon
Prada Nylon Tessuto Totes
BN2106 (Second row from bottom) : RM2360 only~
BN2541 (Top 2 rows) : RM2480 only~
Potential Colours : Black / Orange / Blue / Red / Brown
*depends on stock availability*
Prada BN2531 (bottom row) : RM2380 only~ (ready stock!)

PRADA Vit Daino Red Tote with Shoulder Strap - RM3950 only~

New colours for the Vitello Daino Collection!
Prada Vittelo Daino Leather Totes in NEW COLOUR!
PRADA BN2423 (Top) - RM3950 only!
PRADA BN4992 Leather (Bottom left) - RM3950 only!
PRADA BN2537 - RM3950 only!

PRADA BN2626 (Light beige with pocket) - RM4850 only!

PRADA BN2655 (Left Black)- RM4350 only!~
PRADA BN2435 (Right Black) - RM3690 only~!

PRADA BN2324 Vit Shine Double Zip Tote - RM3950 only!

PRADA BN2324 Soft Calf double Zip Tote - RM3950 only!

Outlet trippin' - 23/12 (5pm -7pm) 
*while stock lasts*

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