Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gucci EU Pre-order : Our Top Picks!

What a nice touch of colour this season from Gucci.
The SOHO collection is so bright and colourful, makes me happy just staring at them ;) 
And the tassels, how awesome are they!?

Gucci Soho Disco Bag - RM3050 only!
Colours : Light Blue / Shocking Pink / Begonia Pink
Size : 21 x 15 x 7cm

Gucci SOHO Shocking Pink Leather Shoulder Bag - RM4690 only!
Size : 38 x 27 x 14cm
Gucci Soho Leather Shoulder Bag - RM4850 only!
Colour : Black / Light Pink
Size : 38 x 27 x 14cm

Gucci SOHO Shocking Pink Shoulder Bag on Chain - RM4330 only~
Size : 28 x 18 x 8cm

Gucci SOHO Shoulder Bag on Chain - RM4520 only!
Size : 28 x 18 x 8cm
Colour : Cream / Black

The coveted Gucci Boston Bag. Gucci's version of Louis Vuitton's Speedy, in more variations. 
Still as stylish and functional.

Gucci Vintage Web Dark Pink Leather Boston Bag - RM4450 only!

Gucci England GG Flag Collection Boston - RM2820 only!

Gucci Unicef Special Edition Vintage Web Boston - RM5050 only!

Gucci Vintage Web Original GG Canvas Boston Bag - RM3450 only!

Gucci Joy Imprime Boston Bag - RM2699 only!~

Gucci Joy GG Supreme Star Canvas Boston - RM2690 only~

Gucci Sukey Original GG Canvas Tote - RM3290 only~

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