Friday, December 21, 2012

Juicy Couture Bracelet in Hand

Juicy Couture Gemstone Bracelet
Like the necklace and earrings it complements, these bracelets feature a sweet little charm matched to a vibrant faceted stone. Choose a crown, feather, flower, bird, or skull charm hanging on a pretty gold chain. Toggle closure.
Brass/glass/cubic zirconia
Color : Yellow Diamond / Pink
iwantbags : RM199 only~

JC Multicharm bracelet
This chunky chain link bracelet speaks to the shopaholic in you. Boasting a small, highly detailed shopping bag, shoe, ribbon and Juicy coin, it will be a staple that you rarely take off. 
Color : Gold
iwantbags :SOLD!

Juicy Couture Pave Buckle Skinny Bracelet
The witty surprise of a pave belt buckle at your wrist is fun yet sophisticated and we love that you can adjust the width with the actual buckle. The perfect bangle for stacking, especially with the wider buckle bangle.
Brass plating/glass stone
Color : Rose Gold
iwantbags : SOLD

 Juicy Couture Pave Heart Banner Bracelet
Wear our heart on your sleeve. We covered the iconic puffy Juicy Couture heart with a rainbow of different pave rhinestones. Pick your favorite color. Toggle closure. Arrives in a Juicy Couture gift box.
Brass/alloy/stainless steel/glass
Color : Amethyst / Rose
iwantbags : SOLD

Juicy Couture Pave Gold Starter Bracelet
We want to start you off on the right foot. Here is your starter charm bracelet with our pave Juicy Couture rhinestone heart just for you.
"J" charm
Toggle clasp with crown finials
Brass metal 
Color : Gold
iwantbags : SOLD

 Juicy Couture Pave Silver Starter Bracelet
Lead a charmed life by building your own Juicy charm necklace.
Pave-rhinestone heart with "Juicy Couture" banner
"J" charm
Toggle clasp with crown finials

7 1/2"
iwantbags : SOLD

Juicy Couture Silver Starter Charm Bracelet
You've got to start somewhere! This is the perfect building block for all your fabulous Juicy charms.
Silvertone plate over brass
Banner heart and "J" Charms
Toggle clasp with signature crown embellishments
7 1/2
iwantbags : RM199 only!~

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