Thursday, July 5, 2012

We're Back~!

Holla Ladies!
We're back home & we're sorting out your orders right now.
For those who pre-ordered, you'll hear from us very soon with the latest updates.
We can't wait to share our purchases with you guys!
It's been a hectic but fruitful trip, blessed with splendid weather which also meant huge crowds & long queue for everything, even to enter the shop, you'd think they're giving away free bags..haha (pics to follow).
We'll arrange to ship out the ordered items & will update the available ones ASAP!

If you think the Chatime queue is long, check this out, waiting time to get in, >1 hour 

LV flagship store in Paris

Chanel HQ @ Rue Cambon

The queue goes around the corner too!

Gorgeous Prada

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