Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gucci Pre-order, Our Picks!

Gucci guccisima Boston - RM2550 nett

Gucci Joy Boston (Gold) -RM2550 nett

Gucci Mayfair Canvas Bow Top Handle Tote - RM3690 nett

Gucci Mayfair Guccissima Bow Top Handle Tote - RM4320 nett

Gucci Mayfair Original Canvas Tote - RM2650 nett

Gucci Vintage Web Boston - RM3350 nett

Gucci Vintage Web Leather Boston - RM4280 nett
Gucci Original Vintage Boston - RM3250 nett

Gucci Lovely G Tote - RM3080 nett

Gucci Lovely G Hobo - RM2830 nett

Gucci New Ladies Web Medium hobo - RM2160 nett

Gucci New Ladies Web Cabas - RM2860 nett

Gucci Scarlet Stud G Tote - RM3490 nett

Gucci Craft Canvas Tote - RM2650 nett

Gucci Sukey Original Canvas Tote - RM3070 nett

Gucci Brick Lane Original Canvas Boston - RM4290 nett

Gucci Brick Lane Cabas - RM3920 nett

More selections on Gucci official website!
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Anonymous said...

Hy how to pay for the gucci boston?

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