Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love for everything Khaki, Anything Brown - Coach

Am always a big fan of earthy warm tones of the brown palette.
While some might consider it to be a lil on the dull side, but it represents simplicity, wholesomeness & warmth. 
It's always reliable, low on maintenance & would easily complement any outfit at any occasion.
You won't go wrong by adding these to your wardrobe ;)

Coach Chevron Patchwork Tote 17614  - RM730 only~!

Coach Signature Gallery E/W Tote 16561 - Mahogany - RM650 only~!

Coach Ashley Signature Sateen Carryall 15510 - RM850 only~!

Coach Signature Alexandra 17580 - RM780 only~!

Coach SOHO Signature Tote 17401 - RM660 only~!

Coach Signature 24cm Sateen Tote 16175 - RM690 only~!

Coach Signature Stripe Pocket Tote 17948 - RM850 only~!

Coach Signature Stripe Framed Carryall 17424 - RM660 only~!
Coach 2 Way Leather Duffle 15064 - RM690 only~!

Coach Signature Laura Tote 18335 - RM750 only~!

Coach Signature Stripe Tote 17433 - RM599 only~!

Coach Signature Pleated Swingpack 44744 - RM440 only~!

Coach Chevron Patchwork Large Wristlet 46199 - RM380 only~!

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