Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shop Banane Taipei with IWB!

Am sure most of you ladies out there have heard of the "IT" bag from Banana Taipei.
For us who drools over the Birkin..here's our chance to own the eco-friendly version of it ;)
Since it's first release in 2010, it's been a big hit all over the world (so much so that they have a waiting time of about 1-1.5 months)
The cotton canvas is eco-friendly & all 5 sides of the bags are printed with detailed Birkin design.
It's cant get any stylish & affordable than this!

*Courtesy of Illustrated Moodboard
100% cotton canvas material of environmental protection
*Special three-dimensional non-toxic patented 3D printing
*High quality manufacturing
*Item weight is about 600 grams
*Come with a Black Dustbag
Colours : All colours available atm, except for Litchi Red.
iwantbags : RM450 only!
Item OTW. Order now!

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