Thursday, January 19, 2012

Samantha Thavasa Polka Dot Wallet & Coin Card Case

Samantha Thavasa Polka Dot Wallet & Coin Card Case 
Samantha Thavasa, a luxury yet affordable brand from Japan have won hearts of many Japanese girls & women all over the world. They're famed for collaborating with Hollywood celebs such as Beyonce, Paris & Nicki Hilton, Victoria Beckham etc.
Their designs are unique & often sweet & girly which usually stands out & make perfect statement pieces.
Not sold in Malaysia & really rare to come by so no worries about clasing wallets with others ;)
Here're 2 sets which I brought back from Tokyo.
Material : Man made materials.
colours : Red Polka / Pink
iwantbags : Long Wallet (red left)- RM570 only~!
Coin Card Case (Pink left) - RM260 only~! SOLD
Purchase a set for RM799 :)
Item in-hand. Available immediately !

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