Friday, January 6, 2012

European Spree now Opens for CNY!

We all need a little something special to reward ourselves with beautiful things in life, among which, a gorgeous bag in hand to celebrate the new year.
Enjoy the savings NOW!
We're taking orders from now till : 11th Jan 2011

ETA : 19th Jan 


1. Fill in the Order form w your Name & contact details

2. Under the comments , please state your preferences as detailed as possible for a quicker & most accurate quote
Model : 1st & 2nd preference (if any)
Colour : 1st & 2nd... preference (if any)
*Items are subjected to availability in which event the item is N/A, deposit will be refunded in full*
3. For a quote, pls send us in the following format :
Link :
Name/code :
Colour :
Price in GBP:

4. Place a 50% deposit. (Fully refundable if item is unavailable)
5. Voila! Nice & easy :)

***Orders are confirmed upon payment of deposit. No cancellation/ back out once order is confirmed.***

**Price quoted are based on prices as at brand's respective sites at time of inquiry. Any adjustment in prices post this date will be adjusted accordingly in the final price**
**Vouchers & discount not applicable for sprees**


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