Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to Spot a Fake Longchamp

With Longchamp being the "must have" bag, there are lots of counterfeit bags (Fake bags) out there in the market, so how do you tell an original from a fake? Due to popular demand, I've purchased a fake Longchamp & compare it with our authentic longchamp. So hopefully after I've shared these important tips with you, you'll be able to spot a fake Longchamp from a mile away! :)
**Disclaimer: The fake bag is for illustration purposes only & is not for sale. We only sell Authentic Longchamps**

First thing you should do when you purchase a Longchamp bag is to check the overall look & feel of the bag. A real longchamp bag has a matte & crisp finish ; while the fake one will appear shinier & smoother. The genuine leather handles should feel smooth & not rough & stiff. 
On the leather : Longchamp genuine leather (shown below) has lightly embossed diamond pattern & does not have a fish-scale pattern like the fake with clean lines & even depth.

 1. Jockey logo is clearly embossed on both leather & snap. On the leather, Jockey & horse is clearly embossed, & slightly raised, so much so that you can actually spot the hooves of the horse.
(note : Some Longchamps have a line under the jockey while the newer version does not have a line underneath)
 2.  Words are embossed clearly & well alligned; although different bags may have different wordings

 3. On the authentic flip side of the flap, you can see a clear mark where the logo was embossed & raised. The snap has the wording "ORIGINAL P R Y M".

4. Longchamp uses round logo zipper pulls either in gold or pewter where the real one is very detailed while the fake, both the jockey & horse blend together.

 5. Real longchamp has rounded leather tab.

 6. Real Longchamp has YKK zipper which has "YKK" embossed on the side of the pull.

7. An easy one; Authentic Longchamp's snaps are reinforced with clear plastic discs.

8. Real longchamp uses high quality leather & their handles has no tubes or stuffings. The handles are made of a single piece of leather sewn & glued with no rubber finishing. The fake one you can see the stuffings inside the handle clearly & it was glued with rubber like finishing.

9. Pockets are sewn at the front of the bag with neat trimmings, spanning from handle to handle.

10. Real one has a plastic tag sewn to the side of the bag. The piping uses the same material as the interior lining. & is neatly cut & sewn.
(this is a special edition eiffel tote hence it's made in France. Currently, most of the Le Pliages are made in China, so please dont be alarmed if your tag says "Made in China".)

Although these tips are catered for the Le pliage but similar attributes can be used to authenticate other Longchamp Collections as well.
Hope this helps & happy shopping! <3

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