Friday, May 20, 2011

Longchamp In Hand

Here's a list of what we have in hand atm (there're more not in pics)
Ready Stock (no waiting time)


Le Pliage Short Handle / Small  (RM310) - Fuchsia / Red / Curry / Navy
Le Pliage Short Handle / Medium (RM390) - Red / Navy / Curry
Le Pliage Short Handle / Open top (squarish) (RM330)- Red / Fuchsia / Chocolate
Le Pliage Long Handle / Medium (RM390) - Red / Curry / Lagoon / Navy / Grey / Taupe
Le Pliage Long Handle/ Medium large (RM470) - Red / Navy

Le pliage Cosmetic Pouch Small (RM180) - Red / Curry / Fuchsia / Navy
Le Pliage Cosmetic Pouch Large (RM199) - Red / Curry / Fuchsia

Eiffel Short Handle/ Medium (RM520)  - Navy / white
Eiffel Long Handle / medium large (RM550) - Navy / White

Miyajima Long Handle/ medium large (RM920) - Black /Taupe

Great Wall of China Short Handle / Medium (RM550) - Taupe
Great Wall of China Long Handle/medium large (RM590) - Taupe


Planetes Short Handle / Small (RM330) - Navy
Planetes Short Handle / Medium (RM460) - Navy / Red / Black
Planetes Long Handle/ Medium (RM470) - Navy / Red / Clay


Abre De Vie Short Handle/ Small (RM490) - Navy
Abre De Vie Short Handle / Medium (RM550) - White
Abre De Vie Long Handle /Medium (RM550) - White 

For items not listed above, we do take pre-order till 22nd May for early June delivery although availability is not guaranteed.

To ensure you get the right bag, please check this post for for more info (ie: pics & code) :

All items listed are READY STOCK at time of publish.
Place your orders now. 
FOR LATEST UPDATES, Pls check our store at .TQ

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