Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Check out what we've brought back :)

UK Spree Feb 2011
Dear shoppers, thank you so much for all your support :)
It's been a mad rush shopping spree but we've enjoyed it nevertheless. Despite the gloomy UK weather, we've kept our spirits up & lugged almost 80kgs of bags home! :O
We'll be updating with new bags from the trip once all pre-orders have been sent out :)
For those who ordered, we have mailed ya'll, if you still havent heard from us about your orders, pls contact us ya!

Check out some of our loot, can you spot yours? :)

Attn : Sarah : who bought a Mulberry for Target bag last month, if ur seeing this, your bag has arrived. Sorry, I've lost your contact, pls drop me a line if ur see this.

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