Monday, December 13, 2010

Juicy Couture Love Luck Charm Starter Necklace

Juicy Couture Love Luck Charm Starter Necklace
**The chunky link chain comes with three charms. A belt-detailed horseshoe and a banner-centered heart add lucky charm to a chain-linked necklace. The etched disc pendant reads 'Lady Juicy' on one side and 'Love Couture Luck' on the other. With the measurement of 16.25 inches which is the total length of the chain, the necklace is made of 14K yellow gold-plated brass and cubic zirconia. This necklace also has a very important feature ' jewelry clasp closure. To illustrate, the logo-engraved fold-over clasp fastens to crystal-encrusted horseshoe charm.**
Material : 14k Plated gold
Length : 16.75"
iwantbags : SOLD

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