Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wristlets Galore! New Arrivals! Set I

Some may wonder..what can I do with such a small pouch like this..For those in doubt of it's many usage..pls read on :)

I need a wristlet because :
A. Perfect companion for an OL during lunch(ie: Why carry a huge bag out while u can just hang it on ur convenient esp when ur picking out ur dishes for Chap Fan..haha)
B : Casual day out to the mall..Mamak..etc (Store ur car keys, cash & credit cards..& mebbe a chapstick..That's all u'll need!)
C : Clubbing - Hang it on ur wrist while u shake ur bon bon on the dance floor! I assure u it's much better than clutching an evening bag under sweaty armpits ;)
D : Double as a Wallet - Cash, coins, credit card..All in one!
E : Double as ur emergency makeup kit!
F : Cell phone cover~!
 The list goes on & on :D

How do you guys use or planning on using the wristlet?? Drop me a comment, I would love to know :)

For those who doesnt own a wristlet? What are you waiting for? Check out the new arrivals below & more to be updated! 

#43756 (pink) SOLD

#43756 (Ivory) x2 - SOLD

#43785 (Rose) SOLD
#43785 (Champagne) SOLD
#42180 (Mahogany) SOLD
#43687 (Blue) SOLD
#43169 - RM230

More choices under "In Hand" section!

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