Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Loot ;)

Check out what the I've dragged home...all 35kgs of em'!! 
(I even sacrificed my good ol' boots to make more space..keke)
Hehe, can you spot your bag? :)
After unloading.
The Eiffel series which is a tough one to find. Sold out everywhere! I'm lucky to have found a few in a Bory's store in Paris and bought every last piece of their stock!
The classy Planetes series.
Coup de Pinceau in Blue which is hard to find too. Mostly brown.
With the classics.
The Burberries.
The LVs.
All packed up, ready to be brought home :)

For those who ordered, thank you so much for your support :) I enjoyed shopping for them and I hope u'll enjoy ur purchases.
For those who missed the spree, I'm so sorry as I couldnt bring back more than I can carry. But good news is, I've bought some extras and will post them up very soon!
**nite nitez**

1 desires:

eve said...

tht's some crazy shopping

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