Sunday, February 1, 2009

Books anyone???

LOL...Surprised to find books here? haha...i know this is kinda random...but I'm clearing up my book shelf for some new additions, so I'm letting these go very cheap prices!!
Mostly Chick lits for light reading...perfect for one of those lazy afternoons.. :)

For all items under this post, postage will be RM4 by PosLaju. Thks!

First up...we have..tada!!

1. 4 blondes - Candace Bushnell (RM 12)

From the author who brought us the infamous Sex n the city..instead of the famous we have the 4 blondes..interesting dont you think?

4 Blondes charts the romantic intrigues, liaisons, betrayals and victories of four modern women: a beautoful B-list model scams rent -free summerhouses in the Hamptons from her lovers until she discovers she can get a man but cant get what she wants; a high powered magazine columnists floundering marriage to a literary journalist is thrown into crisis when her husband's career fails to live up to her expectations; a "cinderella" records her descent into paranoia in her journal as she realises she wants anybdy's life except for her own; an artist and ageing "it" girl - who fears her time for finding a man has run out - travels to london in search of the kind of love and devotion she cant find in Manhattan.

2. Getting Rid of Matthew - Jane Fallon (RM21) - SOLD!

I bought this for 7pounds and now i'm letting it go at Rm21 only!

Heres the intro :-

When Matthews, Helen's lover of the past four years, finally decides to leave his wife Sophie (and their 2 daughters) and move into Helen's flat, she should be over the moon..the trouble is, she doesnt want him anymore. Now she has to figure out a way to get rid of him...

Plan A :Stop shaving your armpits; and ur bikini incontinence pads and leave them lying aroundstop having sex with him

Plan B : Accidentally on purpose bump into his wife Sophiegive yourself a fake name and identityBefriend sophie and actually begin to really like herSnog Matthew's son (who's same age as you by the way, you're not a paedophile)Watch ur whole plan go absolutely horribly wrong...

3. Angel - Katie Price (RM 15)

A sparkling and sexy tale of glamour modelling, romance and the treacherous promises of fame..

then angel is discovered by a model agent, her life changes forever...Young, beautiful and sexy, she seems destined for a successful career and very quickly, she glitzy world of celebrity fame and riches becomes her new home.

But then she meet Mickey, the lead singer of a boy band, who's as irresistible as he is dangerous, and Angel realises that a rising star can just as quickly fall.....

4. Girlfriends - Patrick Sanchez (RM12)

If you enjoy Candace Bushnell's u'll enjoy's the story of 3 girfriends..

"clearly taking his cue from Candace Bushnell (Sex and the city) and Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones ), Sanchez's style is light and entertaining..

5. The Heartbreaker - Carly Phillips (RM12)

A sneak preview ...

Meet the Chandlers - a trio of sexy brothers and the most eligible guys in town...until their mother falls ill. As her three sons gather at her side, she makes two desparate demands : "get married!" and "Give me grandchildren!".............

6. Confessions of an Air Hostess - Marisa Mackle (RM12) -SOLD!

If you guys have read "Air Babylon"..this story is kinda similar..about the life of an air hostess...suitable for light reading :)

7. Step On It, Cupid - Lorelei Mathias (RM12) -SOLD!
This book is about how to fall in love..haha :P

8. Doing It - Melvin Burgess (RM12)- SOLD!
haha..the covers kinda tells it :P

8. Cashmere Mafia- season 1 (2 Discs, DVD) - RM 15
I happened to have 2 sets of the same this is up for grabs! :)

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