Wednesday, December 3, 2008

MARC by MJ Totally Turnlock Faridah SALE!!!

Marc by MJ Totally Turnlock Faridah!! These bags are fabulous!! and they are on SALE!! The pics just don't do them justice! You gotta see it to believe it!
Quote from a bag critic :"I guess I never saw the beauty behind this bag till I chanced upon it for myself yesterday. Yes it was plain-looking, with very little bells and whistles, but for those amongst us who choose to be wallflowers, this may be the perfect bag. The quiet admin girl who secretly wishes to be as colourful and loud as her colleagues in Sales. The newly working graduate who wants a bit of luxury without attracting too much attention from her frugal parents. You get the picture. Perfectly slouchy, the soft and supple grained leather hobo measures 32 cm by 36 cm and is so butftery to the touch it's just fabulous!!
Size : 14"H x 13"L x 6.5"D
9" strap drop
Colour : Patent Black (v.v.worth it!)
Fools Gold
Cranberry Field
iwantbags : RM1450 only!!
Limited pieces only! hurry!!email to order!

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